Integration with Simkl

I’d love to see integration with Simkl ( as there is with Trakt. Any chance of this happening?


Would love to see this too!

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I’d love track my media using SIMKL and Infuse.

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Yeap, +1 for Simkl, it would be great

I use simkl more than trakt as well would love to see it added

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Me 2.

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Would very much enjoy Simkl integration

bump! plz make it happen

another bump

March 2017, any movement on this? Anything Simkl can help? At least make 1 API request to add to history Simkl API · Apiary

+1 Would love to see SIMKL added :slight_smile: (Any Update on this?)

I guess this isn’t happening anytime soon then.