Integration with Plex

I Just wanted to say Thank you, for the Integration with Plex. Everything has been working Flawless for me. I thought I would share how I have Infuse Setup. Under Favorites I have a Share Infuse setup for 4K Content and my TV and Movies are setup with a Plex Share. After this most recent upgrade setting the SMB to auto, has been working perfectly for me. Things seem so much more snappier when loading the Libraries.
One item I have not figured out yet is some of my TV series episodes are out of order. They are perfectly fine in their directory but the UI shows them with episode 1 starting in the middle? Any Thoughts? Great Job! Infuse!

I’m not really seeing any issue with the image you posted. Are you referring to things like The Flash showing season 4 instead of season 1? If so that’s because you’re looking at the “Recently Added” part of the up next list.

Hi so sry for the confusion, the image was just to show my setup using two different shares. (Infuse & Plex) A Large number of my Tv series are not in sequential order, I was just curious if this is something that was a known Issue?

I haven’t seen any specific claims of that same issue. If you could provide a screen shot of what you’re referring to and a sample of how your files are named maybe we can figure out what’s going on.