Integration of Network Tuner

I am a true Apple device guy, and Infuse Pro is my main app. However, I recently purchased a device that runs on Android TV OS, and an HDHomerun Network Tuner with DVR subscription. This allows me to setup DVR recordings for a considerable less amount of money than my local Cable Company, or even TIVo.

I noticed that Plex ( I’m not a real fan), actually supports Live TV and DVR features with the HDHomerun device. Although I can access Live TV & my DVR recordings on Apple TV through another app, Firecore may find Silicon Dust to be a welcome partner in an all in one app for the Apple Environment that incorporates their tuning/recording technology with Infuse Pro NAS playback and organization of personal media.

The simple advantage of Infuse has over Plex, is that there is no need to have an always on PC with Infuse as there is to run Plex.

Just another suggestion from a long time Infuse user. Thanks