Integrate with WatchAid app

WatchAid is the TV show aggregator that the IOS TV app wishes it was.
I would strongly suggest this app for anyone that manages multiple content apps like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.

It would be great if Infuse could partner with WatchAid to integrate Infuse as a player of choice for home content.

The current situation is: WatchAid now supports Plex as a source for content, but that means that the (underpowered) Plex client is used as the player when Plex is chosen.

It would be great for both Infuse and WatchAid if a user could choose Infuse as the player when Plex is chosen as the source. WatchAid would have to be able to call up a particular episode to run in Infuse, but what a great feature that would be from a single source standpoint.

As things stand right now, I use WatchAid for any streaming services, and Infuse directly for “home” content. An integration with WatchAid would close the gap to a single application … and would also be a great showcase for Infuse PRO as well.


I like the idea but watchaid only supports tv shows not movies and after talking with the developer it would seem that he has no plans on changing that.
Another app that could be suggested and supports movies and shows is reelgood, although at the moment Its Apple TV app is somewhat lacking the iOS app is pretty good.

WatchAid is definitely designed to keep track of where you are in watching shows, so I’m not surprised that the developer is limiting himself to TV. Movies doesn’t make sense with WatchAid as it is not meant to be a wishlist. The promise of Watchaid is that it’s one place to go to follow and watch shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. from one place. It does this much better than the TV app in TVOS.

I would assume (since I have no concept of the code) that it would be relatively straightforward to provide the means for ANY application like WatchAid to run with Infuse. They would only need the ability to:

Publish which Plex shows are viewable from Infuse
Run Infuse for a particular chosen show

A this point, I’d be grateful for ANY App that could support Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and keep the context of TV shows…