Insufficient Actor and Director Search

First, congrats on the newly search option. A long time required request here has finally arrived.

That aside, there are a few bumps on the road …

When I for example type Stanley Kubrick, I do not get all of his movies, both Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut are missing, even though I have them on my NAS (as all the others it DOES show). The same with Steven Spieltberg.

I did not, so far, try with other names, but this may be a bug.

Furthermore, it should possible, in a future update, to have both TV and Movies combined, aka. I search for Peter Falk, and his appearances in both should be showed, and not, like it is now, only his Movies (and not TV).

Great, you can directly add this to either Favourites or Lists. A shame, there are no artwork connected with the names, you search for.

Kind regards.

Do you have the Metadata Fetching option enabled in Infuse?

If you view the details for the 2 Kubrick movies that are missing, does it show the correct director/writer info?

Can you try running the ‘Scan for Changes’ option in Settings > Library, just to make sure everything is up-to-date?

A quick test here, and things seem to be working.

Hi James

My mistake here. Some files were not correct named (I am going through Plex).

I have, of course, never Embedded on.

Is there a time horizon for the 2 other issues? I guess, it is all about database build up.

When can we expect fileinfo (size etc.)?

Kind regards.

Ok, great!

We hope to expand upon this feature in future updates.