So…are there any instructions on how to use the aTV flash? There’s a setup guide, and an “easy start” guide, but I don’t see anything with much instruction on it. Also, I don’t think I’m seeing the same thing that the easy start guide is saying I should see. For example, one of my options in the main menu hierarchy is “DVD,” which has stuff like RSS Reader and Weather under it. That doesn’t sound like it worked the way it should have… is something wrong?

In the 3.1 version the menu item names were changed.

nitoTV = DVD
Sapphire = Media
Jaman = Jaman
Internet = Couch Surfer
Files = ATVFiles
Servers = Media Cloud

I don’t see Jaman. Any reason for that?

Also, when I first clicked on “applications,” I was able to get in and install the mplayer codecs, but now what I click on it, nothing happens. I get the little click sound, but it just sits there.

Jaman is not compatible with the 2.1 version. They informed us earlier this week that they are working on an update.

The section you are looking for is Settings.