Instant Crash Problem

Did some digging and apparently people were experiencing this 2 and 3 years ago, but after the 5th thread without any solution, I decided to just make my own and ask if there’s a fix.

Both tvOS and iOS apps instantly crash when opened. Yes, I probably have over 120 films in a single folder, which was a pattern in the aforementioned threads from years ago. I can’t even open the app on either device long enough to hit the settings button.

Was very excited to have my external film collection become so easily available to play on my Apple TV and I watched several yeaterday to test it out. Worked so great. But overnight I added the rest of my films to my storage and now the entire app is shot. I re-installed it and it was working right up until I hit “add share”. Then it kept booting me out of the folder screen. Then back to instant-crashes.

If we cant have more than 120 films in a folder, or if there isn’t a fix for this, is there at least a link where I can request a refund for the yearly subscription I paid not even 24 hours ago? Cause splitting folders is not an option with a 6TB film collection.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, and apologies ahead of time as well — I know I sound frustrated.

First, it shouldn’t be a file number problem at 120, I’ve got over 500 in some folders without issue. I know how frustrating it can get when you have a gremlin and can’t get it squashed.

If it’s happening on both iOS and tvOS then it’s more likely something in your server set up that’s disagreeable with Infuse. Can you provide a bit more info on what your server is, how you’re connected (SMB, DLNA, FTP, etc.), OS version, and anything else that may add a few puzzle pieces?

I have 1800 movies including 125 UHD movies and I have no problem playing all the movies wirh ATV 4K and Infuse. To solve your problem you have to search for answer somewhere else. My collection is 30 TB on a Synology NAS with no problem.

Sorry for the delayed response — I’ve been out of town since the day after creating this thread. However, I have an update that (temporarily?) fixed the problem, or at the very least may narrow down a cause…

Anyways, I am connected through DLNA and the folder in question was my external drive’s “Films” folder that I had added to my Favorites and, at the time of the app failure, contained 132 video files. Before the crashing issue, that folder had 94 video files inside it and there was no problem; I could easily fire up the app, hit “Films” in my favorites, and browse through or watch whatever — on both tvOS and iOS.

But once I crossed a certain threshold (which I ballpark’d at 120 video files because that seemed to be a recurring number in my research on this issue), both tvOS and iOS continuously crashed upon launch. Each crash happened anywhere from 2 - 5 seconds after launch, and after trying all the basic software troubleshooting options I was familiar with, I tried a “beat the clock” method. Working off the assumption from several past threads I found (e.g., the “120 files in one folder = crash” threads), I began loading the app and trying to quickly navigate and remove the “Films” folder from my Favorites. After nearly a dozen tries I succeeded (attempts on iOS were much easier than tvOS, for anyone reading who may experience similar problems).

So once I got that folder removed from my favorites, both tvOS and iOS apps immediately began working normally again — no crashes, not even any minor glitches. I then loaded up my external on my computer and split the “Films” folder into 3 new folders (named “1”, “2”, and “3”), in order to spread out the weight of video files across separate directories, rather than all being under one. Then, once I set everything back up in my DLNA, I went into my Infuse app and added the “1, 2, 3” folders to my Favorites. Since doing that a couple days ago, I have experienced zero crash and the app works perfectly.

Any idea what’s going on?

If you need anymore (more technical) info after reading the above, let me know and I can try to supply it. Thanks for your replies and your consideration, and apologies if my original post read aggressive in tone or let my frustration bleed through more than it should have! :slight_smile:

So now you have all of your movies accessible on line with them broken down into three groups. You say your connected using DLNA, what are you using for a server, Mac, NAS, etc? If it’s a Mac or Apple product what OS? If it’s a NAS what brand? Just trying to get an overview of what your dealing with.

It sounds like the DLNA gets to a certain point and sends Infuse something it’s not expecting (or has a contingency to deal with in place) and it just heads for the hills.

Hang in there, the Infuse folks appear to be burning the midnight oil working on it, it just takes time to get around to all the wish lists and glitches.

Just mentioning I experienced instant crash with the iOS app today. However, on second attempt it worked as it should.

Unfortuneatly, Infuse is not as smooth as I’d wish on iOS. Sometimes it takes too long to start a movie, sometimes it stutters/freezes in the beginning, sometimes it’s “hanging” when changing to and from horisontal view. Relatively small, but annoying things that reduces the overall quality feeling. SMB connection is almost useless, while luckily NFS is a lot better. Hope the upcoming SMB3 impmementation will help.

On tvOS, on the other hand, it works well with wired connection.