Instant Crash on multiple devices

This is happening to me too. Can’t manage to email a log before Infuse crashes.

This should be fully resolved in today’s 7.5 release!

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. Not only 7.5 solves the issue, but it also brought a feature I have been dreaming of for years :slight_smile: … don’t have to switch to YouTube and search for trailers anymore. I must say iI had a very pleasant surprise today. We tend as customers to complain and give negativ feedback when things don’t work as we expect, and we are slow to say when we are happy. So this time I wanted to be fast and say thank you. Good job!


Not in the Mac App Store yet.


Still not in the App Store, or showing up in Updates section. I assume this is an Apple delay? When do updates normally get processed and appear? It’s still frustrating to me that announcements are made for new versions that nobody can access (at least in the Canadian App store).

Yup, it’s an Apple issue.

Not much to do other than wait. I see the update for ATV but not Mac yet.

It’s usually pretty quick for everyone but we’re at the mercy of Apples servers updating.

And all of my ATVs are happily completing syncing now. Thanks James! :+1:

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