Instant Crash on multiple devices

Having same issues, app has not been updated since December, pretty much a useless app now

Did you try the steps above?

Not sure how that is relevant.

I don’t have Icloud sync or Trakt enabled

And it crashes instantly when you open or after a certain amount of time?

Then it’s a bit different and may be a different issue. A bit more info may help. What version numbers of Infuse and tvOS, iOS, and MacOS?

Did you delete the infuse and and not just off load it?

If it’s crashing all of a sudden on all three different devices then it seems to point to something else like possibly mega since their not connected to any common point other than mega.

Whatever the latest TVOS version is when it updated in Dec, deleted and reinstalled, no change, I stream from shared folders PC

There were multiple updates in Dec, that’s why we ask for version numbers and also what versions for all OSs.

Are you manually re-adding the share from your pc after you reinstall or letting Infuse pull in the info?

7.4.10, add manually

And what protocol for your share?

Windows 11, SMB

Is there a reason you don’t want to post the OS versions for all of the devices that Infuse is running on?

Also what about this?

Windows 11 22H2, one PC that is it, crashes sometimes after opening or sometimes after a few minutes

If it does stay up can you find the settings and post a diagnostic report code?

The same is happening on my Apple TV. After the app starts, maybe within 20-30s it crashes. I hurried and submitted the crash logs as well create a diagnostic code which was submitted via email.

I then proceeded to delete the app, reboot ATV, reinstall and then it worked luckily.

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After it crashes I get a blank screen and have to restart , have to leave now but will look into the diagnostic thing later

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Is it the same on all of your devices Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV?

Are you running any Apple beta operating system software on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV? Could you provide the operating system version numbers for those devices?

Only run Infuse On Apple TV 4k connected to Windows 11 PC

Hopefully the submitted crashlogs/diag code can provide some insight to the Firecore team.

I wonder given the issue started in the past day, if it is related to tvOS 16.3.3 (my version) or just coincidence.

It will help if you post the 5 digit code from that report here in the thread. :wink:

Oh I submitted it via email.

Diagnostics: 9GKW8