Installing XBMC Eden instead of XBMC Frodo.


When using the Maintenance XBMC 11 is installed instead of 12.2. Very odd…

When I check the log it says that it’s the most recent version.

Any ideas? was down so the ATV fall back to the backup which is the older version.

Thanks for the reply.

Is there a manual file that I can use to do it via Putty? Or should I just wait…

I hope somebody can provide the instruction to install XBMC without accessing  So far we have to wait.

I remember in the past we used to download the file to the Apple TV then expand it via Putty before they swapped to directly doing it via “apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2”. That could be the solution but I cannot remember what the Apple TV file is called.

do you have a 1st gen

2nd Generation…Sorry…