Installing Plex on ATV flash (black) 1.3

for a clean install of Plex: Make sure you have the lastest Plex Media Server Version


Instructions how to get PLEX (0.10 BETA) on a Jailbreaked Apple TV 2 (4.4.4):


Be sure your Apple TV2 is on

1) Start Terminal on your iMac


2) Type: ssh root@apple-tv.local


3) Type: alpine (the password)


4) Type: wget


5) Type: dpkg -i com.plexapp.repo.beta_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb


If you have an older version installed please remove it first:

6) Type: dpkg -r com.plex.client-plugin


7) Type: apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin


8) Type: killall AppleTV


Worked for me Hope it helps you

Note. I did this on a mac. Not sure if it works on PC

can you explain the advantages of a PLEX Client over the MEDIA PLAYER or the XBMC client?


I have been using Plex for both ease of use for the family and its brain dead simple remote playback to the kids iTouches. I did purchase the plexapp (about 5 dollars) to allow playback on the iDevices. That said, I can only use Plex because I have an extra mac mini to act as the Plex media server. The biggest downside to Plex is that it will not play iso files so to play back our TV shows on DVD, I have to pull each episode off the DVD. The ATV Flash media player can play the iso (or dvdmedia file that RipIT makes) directly, preserving the entire menu structure. The other advantage of ATV Flash media player is that it will pull media directly off our NAS. This capability, to pull media directly off our NAS, was the reason I purchased ATV Flash. Without it, the ATV2 is much more limited and like Plex, required one of the mac minis act as the iTunes server.

Hope that helps.