Installing Packages on ATV

I am trying to install a package, specifically libusb.pkg, which is needed for my ToppyApple project ( see this thread ). I don’t fully understand what I’m doing here so bear with me. I have a installer package called libusb.pkg which is written for os x 10.4, double clicking on this package opens the usual installer application. How do I install this on to ATV? I have read that I should be able to do this via smart installer or Nitotv install packages, but It requires the package to be compressed. I have tried to compress the pkg so that I have ended up with libusb.pkg.tar.bz2 I have dropped this into /Documents/Packages/ directory and it has been recognised by the smart installer…but thats as far as it goes, nothing gets installed, so clearly I’m not doing something right.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


After transferring the package to the AppleTV via FTP ( you can connect via SSH ( and enter the follow command to install the package.

Replace ‘mypackage.pkg’ with the name of your package.

DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH='/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/' installer -pkg mypackage.pkg -target /

Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried that terminal command but I get the following response…

-bash-2.05b$ sudo DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=‘/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/’ installer -pkg libusb.pkg -target /
sudo: DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/: command not found

installer appears to be in my usr/sbin directory.
Any ideas?


Yes, just modify the package path.

DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH='/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/' installer -pkg <path to file>/mypackage.pkg -target /

Sorry I think I’m confused here. my package , libusb.pkg is in /Users/frontrow/ so i fire this command;

-bash-2.05b$ sudo DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=‘/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/’ installer -pkg /Users/frontrow/libusb.pkg -target /

and I get this back…

-bash-2.05b$ sudo: DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/: command not found

Clearly I’m out of my depth here…

To use sudo for the command it would be:

DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH='/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/' sudo installer -pkg /Users/frontrow/mypackage.pkg -target /

One step closer… that did the trick re the installer command, the next error thrown up is as follows:

dyld: Symbol not found: __ZTIN3KJS11InterpreterE
Referenced from: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/JavaScriptGlue.framework/Versions/A/JavaScriptGlue
Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaScriptCore.framework/Versions/A/JavaScriptCore

does this mean I’m out of luck with this install?


Make sure you are entering the text that precedes sudo.

no joy i’m afraid, tried it on a different ATV as well with the same result…

-bash-2.05b$ DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=‘/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/’ sudo installer -pkg /Users/frontrow/libusb.pkg -target /
dyld: Symbol not found: __ZTIN3KJS11InterpreterE
Referenced from: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/JavaScriptGlue.framework/Versions/A/JavaScriptGlue
Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaScriptCore.framework/Versions/A/JavaScriptCore

OK, tried a different approach this morning. and got a different(better?) result…

-bash-2.05b$ sudo -s
bash-2.05b# DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=‘/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/’ installer -pkg /Users/frontrow/libusb.pkg -target /
installer: Error - An error was enountered while running the InstallationCheck tool for “libusb.”

Now the question is, how do I find out what the error is?


Getting a bit sad when I’m answering my own emails but I am learning something as I go along. It would appear that I had the wrong package. I now have the libusb.pkg for os x 10.4 so now I get

DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=‘/System/Library/Frameworks/OSXFrames/’ installer -pkg /Users/frontrow/libusb.pkg -target /
installer: Package name is libusb
installer: Installing onto volume mounted at /.
installer: The install failed.

is there a log which gives me more information


No need Colin just make the volume read/write and you are good to go… Libusb.pkg install success!! Now the next step is to see whether I can get ftpd-topfield working…