Installing Over: atvusbcreator, XBMC, Boxee

I have a g1 AppleTV that I have already jailbroken using the free atvusb creator and am running XBMC and Boxee and watching flash videos on without problems.  I want to buy your aTV Flash program because of the streaming and the websurfing capabilities primarily. I am looking forward to adding Firefox!

Some earlier posts elsewhere in your support forums seem to indicate that some users had problems with flash videos no longer playing correctly when aTV Flash was installed over XBMC or Boxee.  Seems like they had to do a lot of mucking about to get things working satisfactorily. 

I was wondering if these issues still exist, and what are the ramifications - if any - of installing your program when I have already added these other programs?

FYI:  I am using version Launcher 3.2.5, from

Thanks for your help, Mick.


You can install aTV Flash on top of your current setup, and your Adobe Flash setup should not be affected.

If needed, a guide for enabling Adobe Flash can be found at the link below.