Installing OpenVPN(Witopia)

Im in europe now and I want to access my netflix account with my Apple aTV.   Im having some troubles with real basic things like connecting to the AppleTV using this program called Cyberduck.

a) I can ping it but am getting a connection refused.  Is there some sort of troubleshooting help?  I have a windows 7 PC and im getting “Connection refused: connect.”

b) Would it help to buy a micro USB cable and attach it, then connect locally?

c) Once I get a connection can i simply drop items into the a folder or do i have to start some sort of executable?

Any help is appreciated, im a total apple OS noob



Have you jailbroken the ATV2 (probably using SeasonPass)? If not that would explain why you cannot connect using Cyberduck.

I bought it jailbroken with aTV Black 1.1.1 on it.  Everything else works fine like the XBMC, bluetooth, etc.

I didnt have home share turned on :[

I dont see Tunnelblick under extras at all. Should it be there automatically after an install of 1.1.1?

Or, ss there a way to move the Tunnelblick files over to the Apple TV via SSH?

SOLUTION: For anyone trying to use an OpenVPN with aTV black 1.1.1 you cant install Tunnelblick like it says in the VPN how to.  The How to on the firecore website is for the 1st gen only(where its listed) and isnt supported in the 2nd gen.

Thanks for all the help, what a great forum lol :stuck_out_tongue: