Installing Navix

Is it possible to load Navix onto the apple tv via the xbmc program?  I’m pretty much non-tech capable, so if its possible, I’m hoping its pretty simple.  I can navigate via ftp to the core folder structure, but haven’t tried to install anything unless it was an option within the flash menus made available after initial installation.

SSH to your ATV and upload the Navi-X .zip file from to your ATV in a directory accessible to XBMC. If you have Windows, you can get PuTTy for connecting via SSH to your ATV… otherwise, google up “free ssh client os” and where os is, put in your operating system (win, mac, linux, etc.) and find an SSH client. Then google up “how to ssh to atv” for instructions on how to connect. Once the zip file is on your hard drive…

From Navi-X FAQ at

Open XBMC and click on “System”, then “Setting”, then “Addons” and “Install from Zip File”. Select the location on your computer where you saved Navi-X and select the zip file. Navi-X should now be available in XBMC under “Programs”. To
update Navi-X : open Navi-X on your XBMC Go to “Navi-X Home” - “Navi-X updates” and install the latest script.

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