Installing Infuse 7 on multiple devices

I have Infuse 7 installed on an iMac and everything works fine. If I want to install Infuse on other devices such as Apple 4K TV and iPhone/ipad do I have to set up each individual devise and go through the entire setup process with each devise or is there a way to copy or share what is set up on the iMac computer with the other devices.


As long as you have iCloud enabled on all your devices it will sync the information. You will need to wait a bit before it starts loading everything. It will still have to download all of the artwork and metadata though and that can take time depending on the size of the library.

As long as you’re using the same Apple ID (must be the primary account on devices that have multiple accounts) all you need to do is download the app and launch it then it will sync via iCloud and set everything up for you. When you launch it on the second device don’t try to add shares etc, just let it work.

You can follow the progress if you go to the settings screen for Library and watch the messages and the numbers for each video type. Just be sure you wait till you get the “Last Updated…” message and all should be good.


Something went wonky with the forum last night. I had sent this reply and it showed “saving post” or something of the sort and when I just came back to this thread it brought up the “compose” window with my response still waiting to send. Oh well, the tech gremlins are everywhere lately. :imp:

As @munpip214 said, it may take a bit but it’s faster than starting over from scratch. :wink:

Also, just for reference, details on how to use iCloud sync can be found in this guide.

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