installing eyetv application on ATV2

I’ve read many posts on various sites about accessing EYETV recordings via web browser within a “ATV flash” enabled  ATV2 device which I have been able to do.  This, however, is sluggish and the resolution is terrible.  What I’m really after is the ability to install the eyetv application (like the one for iphone and ipad) directly on the ATV2 device so that the option to view live tv, recorded tv, or to record live tv or program recordings, is available within the native ATV menu.  I’ve seen scripts for the ATV1 but they seem to use USB mounted wireless keyboards and other things I can’t currently do.   My configuration is a ATV2, Elgato HD HomeRun tuner, iMAC recording shows to an externally attached firewire800 2tb drive all attached to a wired LAN.

It seems to me if that ATV2 OS is based on the iphone OS and the iphone can run the eyetv app (from the appstore) then there should be some porting ability of this program to the ATV2.

I’m also wondering is fireCore is working on any native integration of the eyetv app(s) since the user community is so entrenched with elgato/eyetv.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I would love this to happen !

Any progress would be much appreciated…

It would the ultimate box (atv2+media player+eyetv).

This is a new area for me but isn’t this functionality available through XBMC through their addnos, pseudotv etc.

I’ve looked through all the addons for XBMC and the closest I could find are parsers for viewing existing TV shows that were recorded (which is already available through itunes connection via “computer”).  As of yet I have not found anything for the ATV2 that allows you to watch LIVE TV or record LIVE TV through the ATV2 menu via your own EYETV connection.  I would even love to have something through XBMC but it doesn’t seem to exist.  As I said in my original post going through the web browser is painful (both in steps and quality).  

To the developers of ATV FLASH (FireCORE/JAMES):  Is there a way to make this happen?  If ATV2 is using a version of iOS it should be possible right?  This would be HUGE for FireCORE since it is really one of the last big pieces missing from this wonderful box and your software.

Thanks in advance.

Interestingly, I found the same, the parser add ons. Am surprised though, considering the number of such addons for other streamers and the popularity of eyetv.

Mate, can you pls help me understand this function because I am considering buying an eyetv net stream dtt. 

Since the atv2 is connected to a traditional tv and xbmc as well couch surfer support playback of eye tv recordings, what is the advantage of an eye tv app on atv2. If you wanted live streaming, would you not simply use the television as a tv instead.



PS. and now I am confused whether to get this or the hdhomerun kaiser baas…

The advantage to using eyetv application under ATV2 is that you have all the functionality of a DVR through the interface of the ATV2.  Right now my cable (OTA connection) is connected directly to the TV which gives me the local channels.  However I have to change my input on my TV to “TV” AND I have no DVR ability (FF, RW, Guide, Record) functionality since it is simply OTA cable to my TV.  Now if my ATV2 had the ability to run the eyetv application software then my ATV2 could interface directly (as my iPAD and iPHONE do) to my Elgato HDHOMERUN/eyeTV/iMAC components thereby eliminating the need to switch inputs or use different means to get live TV channels.  The ATV2 runs a version of the iPhone software so it seems to me that porting this application to the ATV2 should not be impossible.  As I said before, the browser (via couchsurfer pro) does connect to the library on my iMac and I can see live TV, it is wayyyy to cumbersome and the quality is terrible (this over a wired 1000mb LAN).

So to conclude…I’m hoping FireCore can provide this connectivity from their software to the eyeTV software running on my iMAC.  If so then my homebrew cable/satelite killer is complete.


To get the ATV2 device to stream LiveTV from an EyeTV "server" would be a dream come true and in my opinion the best TV solution on the market. But for this to be true the application needs to be as well designed and functional as the EyeTV app for iPhone/iPad (play, pause, FF, REW, record, tv-guide and so on).

If you have a “backend” with EyeTV on then only for the cost of a ATV2 you can extend you TV experience on to a new TV. 

Thanks guys and well after purchasing this also, you can add me to this list :slight_smile: Lets hope it materialises soon.

I’ve put a request out to the FireCore team to view this thread and post a reply.  Hopefully we hear something soon.  I think there are quite a few users out there that are hoping for this to materialize.

I’d also love this to happen, i try mirroring the eyetv app but it kicks me out after a few minutes.

On that…when you guys use the app on the iPad and stream the net stream (not the computer), and use the audio airplay to the apple tv2 ( or 1)…Does the audio come in sync with the video on the iPad. 

For me, it lags about 2-3 secs. I even tried the airplay to the mac, same lag.

If you are talking about streaming live tv from your eyetv to your iphone/ipad over your LAN then using airplay to view it on your TV then I would say that no I have not had any lag and my voice/picture have been in synch.  (just as a comparision I am running a wired gigabit LAN connected to my iMAC with firewire800 connectivity to an attached storage device.  My routers and hubs are all gig speed capable so my entire network is running at the fastest speed possible)  Your problem sounds more like a software configuration issue to me.

See I am referring to the situation where the computer is not involved (option 2)

iPad Eye tv app gives two options 1. Computer 2. Eyenetvstream (in my case since it is their unit). In this case you can only watch live tv, no recordings etc and only sd content. When I view a channel through this, the only airplay option is audio, no video. This is where the lag i about 3 secs or so which makes it unwatchable. I am assuming that everyone seems the same/similar options.

My network setup is decent enough. Its the dual band airport extreme configured on the 5ghz band. Pretty simple, no complexities. I spoke to Elgato. Their reason was that this may be occurring because the iPad has to receive the stream and then send (airplay) it. It doesn’t seem that bandwidth or the ipad2 processor would be the cause. If everyone sees this, then it would be a software issue with the eyetv app. Elgato’s comment was “We simply make the api available and let Apple do the rest…”

We’d love to add some deeper EyeTV integration, however the main limitation here is there are no EyeTV components available for the AppleTV.

Without the help of Elgato, the best we can aim to achieve will be streaming in Couch Surfer using the EyeTV Live 3G service (currently working) or streaming .eyetv files directly from a Mac, PC or NAS drive (currently under development).

James -

Just so I’m clear in my head, and by the way I’m definitely not a programmer so forgive my ignorance, but isn’t the ATV2 running a version of iOS for the iphone/ipad?  If that’s the case shouldn’t the API calls and such be the same for ATV2?  Meaning couldn’t, theoretically, the ATV2 use the same EYETV application as the iphone/ipad?  Or if necessary would it be feasible to build an interface that duplicated what the EYETV app does?   Just curious.


The AppleTV runs a different flavor of iOS than the iPhone/iPad, so it won’t be possible to simply take an iPhone app and run it on the AppleTV.

It’s likely The iPhone/iPad EyeTV app could be rebuilt to work on the AppleTV, but that would access to the source code to actually happen.

LIVE TV has now become available within the well known eyeTV Parser on XBMC.This is great news in February 2012.

Consequent wish and next step: This eyeTV Parser plugin for XBMC should be extended with the desired direct connection to the eyeTV live netstream of a local eyeTV network box (elgato box for SAT signal conversion into a netstream for local network usage, in my case).

Within my setup, this latest eyeTV Plugin for XBMC installs and cannot connect to my eyeTV netstream device. My local IP adress has been configured correctly inside XBMC. The plugin coding tells something about to open WiFi on iPhone to connect to the eyeTV nestream box. This is not avail inside aTV, which is connected by LAN. 


Question: Pls tell about success stories on aTV - I cannot believe, that this new beautiful piece of software for XBMC does not directly connect in soon future.

Can anybody help - maybe the experts of firecore. THANK YOU in advance!!!



I just jailbroke and installed XBMC and Eye TV parser on one of my ATV2’s, to stream the TV signal from my home to my parents summerhouse. I have a Mac Mini with an Elgato Eye TV Hybrid at home and I’m amazed that it “works”, but it’s way to slow, when used over the Internet, especially because the connection down here sucks, so the picture is grainy and does not update fast enough. The picture is better if I stream it to the Eye TV app on my iphone or iPad and then Airplay it to the ATV2, because my Elgato Turbo .h264 then tailors the signal for the iDevice and connection.

But I look forward to test it out at home.