Installing Dolby Audio DTS plugin


I’m suddenly being prompted to install a free Dolby plugin when playing videos with high res DTS.

Can’t see anything on the forums about it and I’m on the latest pro version on ATV 4K.

Can anyone help please?

Hey dude, check out this one: Infuse 7.5.2 now available

You will get this prompt when you open Dolby or DTS media on your devices, I just went around Apple devices and did the same, you have to do it for each one, I have some DTS-MA and mostly Dolby so I just found two examples where I did and ran them.


I’m facing a bit of an issue myself with the Dolby prompt. I got the prompt for DTS but not for Dolby. Curious to see if anyone can share what Dolby files were used to trigger the prompt?

I’ve tried DD+ files and still no prompt.

If you don’t get a prompt you don’t have to worry about it. Infuse will only show the IAP if a file requires it. It’s not something you have to turn on before hand.


Would be better if you could though. Otherwise it may pop when you are not available to authorise the “purchase”.

Yeah maybe just something you enable in settings however I guess they dont want people activating licenses that they dont need maybe so it has to be based on content.

This is exactly what happened to me today while I was trying to work and my kids wanted to watch something with a DTS soundtrack. In my experience, authorising it isn’t a set-and-forget thing either… I’ve had to authorise DTS twice so far since the update came out yesterday.

I haven’t had time to update and try the new version out, but are you saying every time someone watches something with Dolby or DTS audio it is going to prompt for this?

Ostensibly it should only appear once and then remain active forever. That hasn’t been my experience so far, but ymmv.

Thanks, I’ll try it out tonight and see what happens.

Does anyone hear any improvement in sound after installing the plugin?

I already asked dude, there’s no difference, it’s just a license thing.

Just the sweet kerching of money being saved.

To be fair, the prompt only appears when users play content that actually commits Firecore to spending money. Saving money happens whenever we renew our subscriptions, presuming these as-needed activations are successful in reducing the overall codec licensing fees Firecore must pay out per Infuse-Pro subscriber.

Same here, but the buy part is failing everytime I try to install it.
So much for buying a pro license for life :smirk:


Update Infuse and yep, every movie I play that has DTS I get prompted to install the plugin again. Tried different movies and it prompts for the install every time. Even after installing it then stopping playback and restarting the same movie it prompts to install again.


Are you using your device offline, or is this all happening while you’re connected to the internet?

I’m wondering a few things, I have a Pro license:

  1. I accidentally clicked “remind me later”, is there somewhere I can manually accept the prompt?

  2. What does the “10 days remaining” message mean? If I don’t accept before that, what happens?

  3. What codecs exactly does this apply to? All the posts I’ve read with an answer just say not to worry, you’ll see it when it’s needed, but just curious. For instance, since I clicked “remind me later” on a DTS-HD 6.1 movie, and it played in 5.1 only, does this mean it’s just decoding the DTS core, or does Infuse not support a 6.1 track? Ideally it should pass it as 6.1 but if the ATV can’t do that, it should convert to 7.1.

  1. Just start another video and it should pop up again. Might not show up for a day, though.

  2. If means you can delay the free purchase for 10 days. After 10 days you won’t be allowed to play audio with those advanced codecs.

  3. Dolby and DTS. I assume it’s for the lossless codecs (DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD)

Thanks. You sure about #2 though? It seems a bit sus just giving 10 days (or any limit at all) to activate a license that it’s already been paid for with the app, especially after people have been using these codecs without issue for a long time.

Also I assume the 10 days start after the first time you see the prompt?

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