Installing CompositeTV in nitoTV installation help

For the past year I’ve been doing the “trick the aTV” method to get color on my composite TV by plugging in the HDI plug waiting 5 secs and plugging the composite plug in the green. It’s been working well but it’s a pain to redo every time I need to reset the aTV. So I was stoked to see that latest nitoTV included a TVcomposite hack. But I can’t get it working.

When I run the TVComposite installer in NitoTV it hangs. It says it has downloaded and is installing and then nothing…
I can get back to the menu but it’s still in B&W, even after a reset. video setting is set to 480i

Any Ideas?

PS. These forums have been a goldmine of information for trouble-shooting my aTV and aTVflash software and I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve got from the contributors. You guys rock!

I am having the same problem. I’m using 576i (PAL). Installed correctly and composite connector is plugged into green. B&W only.

The aTV Flash staff pointed this guide out to me:

Unfortunately I still can’t get it working

Thanks for that link.

I followed the instructions and colour has now popped up my composite TV, yay! I didn’t even have to perform the last instruction.

Thanks again. One less tweak to worry about… now if I could only get my aTV to stay connected to WIFI we’re laughing!


Glad it’s working for you. I can’t get it to work in 576i mode (PAL). It does work in 480i in colour, but TV I want to use it on during my holidays is a PAL CRT as I’m in the UK.
Can anyone confirm they can get composite to work in colour in PAL mode?

Doesn’t work for me in PAL mode either, It must be installed correctly since like you it works for 480i. Any input would be appreciated.



I’ve had a reply from the aTV Flash staff to say they are trying to duplicate the problem. Thanks for posting your confirmation, it seems they need to issue an update to correct the problem.

Has any progress been made on getting PAL working for compositeTV?

I have been informed that the next update of atvflash will fix the problem. The time frame was felt to be a few weeks.

Thanks dhaider for the info

aTV Flash 3.6.1 includes the fix for PAL composite video.

Sorry for the trouble.

Thats excellent news, will try that out later…


:lol: wow it works, after upgrading I have color on composite, without any other installation. Thanks guys :wink:

oh dear still doesn’t appear to work in PAL resolution, Has anyone else got this going with PAL yet?


That’s sad. I’ve downloaded the update, but won’t have chance to update my box until Friday evening or maybe Sat sometime. I’ll post one way or another when I have tested.

Same problem here, did a completely new install, followed the instructions from aTVFlash and still no diff even with 3.6.1

Same problem here… I’m using 576i (PAL).
Installed correctly as instructed at using the latest version of the aTV flash.

I’m still getting B&W only.

It seems there was an issue with the PAL download. The issue has been corrected, and the PAL composite video install should now work normally.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


I followed the instructions again and still get a B&W image.
I then re-flashed the apple TV to be sure and again followed the instructions and still B&W.
I replaced the cables and still no joy.

Is there anything else I should be doing?

Was anyone else able to get this working on PAL?


Just to be sure, I downloaded both TVComposite files :
There does seem to be a difference between the files.

I then checked on my AppleTv that the correct file was installed in the \System\Library\Extensions\TVComposite.kext\Contents\MacOS directory.
I then checked that the rc.local file contained a line for the TVComposite file and it was ok.

So the problem appears to be with the file itself.

Again, has anyone been able to get this to work on PAL?