Installing atvflash on a working CrystalHD ATV?

Is there any advantage to installing atvflash on on ATV 3.02 that is already running XBMC Dharma with a CystalHD card? Is networking simpler or does atvflash use nitotv to mount shares? One of the things about nitoTV is that you can’t browse for smb servers. You basically have to put in the ip and shares exactly and that is a bit inconvenient when using the ATV interface ( not XBMC which has it’s own methods).

The bottom line is whether atvflash makes maintaing and upgrading things easier ( including svn’s of XBMC) if one already has been doing this without it?

What about VPN support?


Hi Pmcd,


How did you install XBMC and CrystalHD drivers without atvflash?