Installing aTVFlash new versions

Is there any documentation on what gets “clobbered” with each update say from 3.3.2 to 3.3.3?

If we had installed the patch to enable AFP and USB KB and mouse, do we need to do it again? Now that applecorellc is updating so frequently, most of the time I spent in front of my AppleTV is doing aTVFlash “exercises” and tests and not watching HDTV. Bummer.

With every update you will need to re-run the smart installer to get USB hard drive and keyboard support back. When updating the Apple TV software it often changes the requirements for what is and needs to be installed for USB support to function properly. The combo update will remain on the Apple TV unless you removed it yourself, so you should be able to hit smart installer without having to copy the files over again.

FYI, the update frequency should go back to a more normal rate as nearly all functionality has been restored for the 2.2 Apple TV software.

I want to update to version 2.2 so I can install the update and get 3.3.4 on there but I think I disabled the update option when I installed aTVFlash the first time. How do I update? :oops: