Installing aTV Flash with XBMC already loaded?

I recently bought an Apple TV2 and jailbroke it with Seas0nPass before adding XBMC manually via SSH. I have a few questions:

1. Will this effect installation of aTV Flash? For example, should I remove XBMC before installing aTV Flash (and then reinstall XBMC)?

  1. If no to the above, after loading aTV Flash will XBMC already be listed as ‘Installed’?

Thanks very much for any advice/help,



i did exactly the same as youve mentioned in your post, i can confirm that it does not affect the installation and yes once the software has been installed it does indeed read ‘installed’.

I must admit, having only just installed the software myself, it does cause the appletv2 to crash on more occasions than i experienced just running the jailbreak and XBMC. Not sure if im just ‘unlucky’, but thought id mention it!! 

Not that impressed to be honest!

Hi cmilley,

Thanks for reply, that’s good to know. Mmm, think I might just stick with XBMC for now as it does pretty much all that I want.



yeah, to be honest i only got the software to stream video i had on a hard drive that the original appletv 2 did not support. Which it doesnt even do, and tech support does not seem forth coming. XBMC gives everything else i need, very disappointed in the paid software and support being worse!!

Id stick with what you have!

Hmm, can you provide a bit more info about where you were running into trouble?

Your experience is definitely not typical.