Installing aTV Flash over existing apps

I already have installed xbmc and plex clients myself. I would like to buy and install aTV Flash to add a web browser. What will happen to my existing xbmc and plex installations? Will they be overwritten? Will multiple versions be installed? Do I need to back things up first?

They should not interfer with each other as they are independent apps.  Having said that I have never done it that way around myself so I guess there is a slight chance of me being wrong :frowning:


As far as I can tell, aTV Flash is a collection of apps. Two of the apps listed, if you go to the features page, are PLEX Client and XBMC.

The aTV Flash (black) installer will install Maintenance only, and will not affect any plugins that are currently installed. Through Maintenance other things like Media Player, Couch Surfer, as well as XBMC/Plex can be installed.

If you already have XBMC and/or Plex installed, Maintenance will show them as installed.

Perfect, Thanks. I am buying now.

I just bought and installed aTV flash. Everything went very smooth. I had already installed XBMC, but I don’t see it on the menu with installed apps. I only see NitoTV. Is there a way to fix it?


I just understand I first must install NitoTv and there’s the XBMC option.

XBMC can be installed via Maintenance –> Manage Extras.

It doesn’t show. Under featured it only shows: Couch surfer,, Maintenance, Media player, Remote HD, RSS Feeds and weather. Under Other it only shows nitoTV.


Ah, are you running AppleTV 4.4+? If so, only the nightly builds of XBMC will be supported - these must be installed manually.

Yes, I’m running 4.4.2. Any news on when XMBC will be working with aTV flash on this version? Are there any other reasons not to run on 4.4.2?