Installing aTV 3.3.5-how to update to 2.2 not to 2.3?

I currently have the 2.2 FW on my Apple TV with aTV 3.3.4 installed.
I am looking to upgrade to aTV 3.3.5.
No here comes my question, I use to install aTV the following way:

  • complete reset of the Apple TV (i then have the 2.02 FW on it if I reacall correctly)
  • install aTV via my USB stick
  • then use the Apple TV update function (which used to update to 2.2)

Now if I would update via Apple I would get the 2.3 FW which won’t work with the aTV software.

How do I update to 2.2 instead directly to 2.3?

Any Idea?

You wont need to factory reset your Apple TV. A factory reset was only required in versions 3.1 and older.

Just install 3.3.5 directly on top of 3.3.4, and you can keep the 2.2 software.

Thanks for this info.
Just to clarify, I will download aTV 3.3.5 install it on a USB stick - unpower off the AppleTV and insert the USB stick and repower the AppleTV and let the installation begin.
Once this is completed unpower the AppleTV and unplug the USB stick, then repower the AppleTV and I should then have 2.2FW with 3.3.5 AppleTV.

Last question, is there a need to update from 3.3.4 to 3.3.5?

Yes, that is correct.

You can view the version to version changes here:

Thanks for the swift reply, what is excactly meant by:

Updated: Maintenance


The Maintenance menu has some new updated features.

  1. Enable/Disable auto-update
  2. Install Adobe Flash web plugin
  3. Install QuickTime web plugin
  4. Install Flip4Mac web plugin

Well, I tried installing Quicktime once again yesterday… Still no go. I clicked on it in Maintenance… Let it sit for awhile… Never brought me to another screen to tell me it is working… Just sat at the menu… Lost all function to the remote. So, after awhile of it doing absolutely nothing, I held the Menu and - key and restarted it.

Any ideas as to how to install Quicktime? I’m using 3.3.5 and 2.2. Thanks.

Even though it seems as the system is frozen, it is actually working. The file downloaded for QuickTime is about 60mb, and you won’t get a response until the download is complete.

An improved Maintenance interface with more refinement with better user feedback is in the works.