Installing application with Nito TV

I having trouble running applications through nitoTV

As an example i have on a mac formated USB stick. I transfer the file to the appilcations folderon the ATV using WINSCP with my windows vista laptop.
I then reboot the ATV, and go to the applications folder in NitoTV and hotspot sheild shows in the list. I click on it to install it and nothing happens, i get a black screen…i wait, wait, wait…up to 15 minutes and nothing but a black screen. if i then press menu on the remote im taken back to the ATV menu.

So what is wrong, why can i not install a application? Am i missing something?

Please help…its driving me nuts.

no one has an answer?

I have not tried to install Hotspot Shield yet. Give me some time and I’ll try it.

any luck ?

I found this:

From what I am reading, it looks like a good tutorial for HotSpot Shield. Keep in mind that steps 1 and 6 do not apply to you if you ran the Turbo Kextloader Installer from NitoTV > Settings > Install Software. Also any of those steps that mention turbo_kext_enabler.bin you can ignore too. Let me know if it works or not for you.