Installing any 3rd party apps appears to kill aTV

Seas0nPass 0.8.1 (330)

firmware 4.4.4 9A406a

After many many fresh installs/jailbreaks, my aTV is fine until I try to install any applications. 0.9.0 b3 of the Plex client and/or installation of NitoTV both immediately throw the device into a perpetual reboot loop. I can stay SSH’ed in, but the GUI seems to crash over and over again as the log fills up with a long string of repeated sequences.  I’d attach said log here, but I do not see a way to do so in this forum.






Installing both Plex and NitoTV seemed to make my device happy again.  Ooooooookaaaay. :confused:

where did you get 0.9.0 b3 plex? latest that comes down from is 0.8.3. thanks in advance

Check out this post: Plex - 2nd gen Apple TV - Firecore

Thanks, that did the trick. Happy new year!