Installing 5.0.2 with shsh

It seems I just had my liitle ‘oops’.

I wanted to try aTV-flash (black) 2.0 for my AppleTV gen 2. Since I still ran Apple TV software 4.2.2 (iOS 4.3) I had to upgrade. (aTV-flash 2 requires 4.4 or higher). An upgrade in the device itself bricked it, so I reset to factory defaults using iTunes, and found myself facing Apple TV software 5.1 (iOS 6), which also is not supported by Seas0nPass. So I need to get to Apple TV software 5.0.2. Downloaded the ipsw file, but iTunes refuses to install it: device not eligable. It seems that Apple stopped signing 5.0.2. Since I never ran 5.0.2 before, I also don’t have the shsh for my device and 5.0.2. 

  1. Can I conclude that there is no way for me to use aTV-flash 2 until Seas0nPass supports 5.1?

So I guess I have to restore Apple TV software 4.2.2 and use aTV-flash (black) 1.7.

  1. Where can I download aTV-flash (black) 1.7? The the download page of my account only lists version 2.0.

It gets worse. I know I saved the shsh files for Apple TV software 4.2.2, but I somehow managed to loose them. (I told you: ‘oops’)

  1. Is there any way to get aTV-flash (black) to work? Is there perhaps a way to reset the AppleTV to factory defaults without updating it, or will that still leave me with 5.1?

The topic for this thread should have been “Installing 5.0.2 without shsh”. Sorry for the confusion.

Is impossible to obtain a shsh file who has one saved to run for people who accidentally updated?

The shsh files are device specific, so therefore are not suitable for sharing. This is why it is important to save them BEFORE you update if you ever want to be able to revert.