Installing 1Channel and Navi x help

Ok, I’ve managed to Jailbreak the ATV2, instal XBMC, and Nito but I am struggling with Navi X. I’m using a Mac and can get it into SSH mode, but how do I transfer the zip file to the ATV? Most guides say just drop it in, how?

Help also needed with Ice Films.



for mac use CYBERDUCK

Thanks Whizkid, I managed to suss it out late lastnight using Cyberduck. I don’t suppose you can help with getting this bloody ATV Flash to instal can you? Thanks again. Hamish 

ATV flash you can buy on this same site.


it’s a very useful program, lifetime membership and very easy to use. with this flash your apple tv will become a very useful media player.

I have paid for this ATV Flash but it gets stuck at the transfer stage and eventually gives an error9.100. I am still waiting for the Support response.


1- are you sure you have jailbreak your appletv with seasonpass

      always get the newest edition from their website.

2 - do you know your ip adress from your apple tv?

if so them the program atv flash will do the rest.

fill in the ip adres from your apple tv and klick enter…the files will be transferd…

after a while it said transfer files completed.


by the way where are you from???

Whiz kid, I am pretty sure I have done the Jailbreak as I have managed to instal Xbmc, NIto Tv, Navi x.
I know the ip address as I needed it to instal some of these add-ons. Thanks for trying to help. I am a BRit in SHanghai.

ATV flash does the same as you did manualy.

but then it is in 1 program.

the only thing you need is xbmc , so you can put addon in it and watch many movies for free.

i sujest…ice films addon and 1channel addon…for now icefilms doens’t work…the best thing to watch is with 1channel.

als so Navi X will still work probely…

have fun

grtz from The Netherlands.

“ATV flash does the same as you did manualy.”


Is this true? I can’t figure out how to install Navi X via ATV flash, which is already installed. XBMC is there, but I don’t see a Navi X option anywhere. Thanks!

aTV Flash will only install XBMC not any of the plugins.