Installer Will Not Start

Hi Guys,

Have recently downloaded the 3.5.4 update and have follwed the steps in install.pdf to the letter but the installer will not start.

I get the messages, “Installer cannot start due to either 1 of 2 things… 1. You are not connected to the internet, or 2. The version of ATVFlash you are using is out of date.”

  1. I AM connected to the inetrnet.
  2. Unless you guys updated to 3.5.5 in the last few minutes, how can it be out of date.

I’ve downloaded the installer twice now and still the same problem. Please help guys!
P.S. Have not used this new version of the installer before… the last time I used we needed to mount OSBoot and then run installer, do we still need to do that as it does not mention this in install.pdf?


I believe 3.5.5 is actually coming out in the near future, but I’ll see if I can get a hold of Fire Core and see why this is happening. Did you drag the aTV Flash folder into the Applications folder? The process now is to drag that folder into your Applications folder and run it from there. If you have the 2.3.1 Apple TV DMG then you can tell the application to open that or it will download the DMG for you. It is quite different and a much better patching application IMHO.

Hi Madcran,

Yes, I did the dragging to the applications folder thing… it just doesn’t work! Followed the instructions to the letter…but because the thing wouldn’t even start I never got to a “downloading the DMG” part.

Would be grateful if you could find out when 3.5.5 is coming out as I’ll hang on for that if it’s not long :wink:

Also, mentioned this to Fire Core directly, but wondered what you thought… I’ve paid for the full product (Mac version as that was all ther was when it came out) and lifetime upgrades. I think I should also have access to the Windows download. I have Windows machines at home too, this may have allowed me to upgrade the other day without having the problems I seem to be expereiencing with the Mac download. Come on Fire Core, give those that have paid the full whack the choice to download either version!