installer not transfering files

I've had a bit of a read and had no luck, i'm running 4.0 (Under "About") which according to this post means its actually 4.1. Installer is all good right up until it wants to transfer the files and says..

"Sorry, the installer could not connect to your AppleTV. Help!"

It shows up in the device list, i've also tried rebooting the appletv but same thing, Have i missed something obvious? 

It sounds like your AppleTV may not have been jailbroken yet. Right now aTV Flash (black) requires the AppleTV to be jailbroken before installing. 

More details on jailbreaking can be seen here.

Unfortunately if you're not already jailbroken, you will need to wait for the upcoming 4.1 (iOS 4.2.1) jailbreak.

I've got SSH access to the appletv though?