Installer error: Oops, no internet connection or version to old..!

hello, i bought the appletv2 via ebay, model a1378 which is jailbroken with unthetered 5.0.2. 
on a usb drive i received the “as he claimed” the atvflash 2.2 black (i had to took his word for it). 
jailbreak is good XBMC is installed and i can connect with putty telnet ssh, so far so good, but wen i try to install atvflash i receive almost immediately after the agreement “oops installer can’t continue” and claims i have either an old version (2.2 is not old) or i have no internet access, which is total BS i can connect to with no problem and as you can see on my Macbook also. 


The logs shows info i can’t understand, but a support ticket is still unreplied!

i see that it stops the install, but don’t understand why!

2013-08-21 12:09:23 -[VersionCheckPluginPane willEnterPane:]

2013-08-21 12:09:23 -[VersionCheckPluginPane sendRequest]

2013-08-21 12:09:23 -[VersionCheckPluginPane connectionDidFinishLoading:]

2013-08-21 12:09:23 Current version = 2.2, latest version = 2.3

2013-08-21 12:09:23 -[VersionCheckPluginPane showError]

so re-using when an update is available is not possible?

anyone have some options or can point me to hints about other total packages except firecore?



The ATV Flash installer requires Internet access to check it has the latest version (which is now 2.3). This message is saying it cannot get there. Since you have Internet access in other apps I would guess that your firewall is blocking the installer and you have to allow it through.

I have the same problem here - bought atv flash (black) for my self - and my aTV worked well - now I wanted to wipe it clean before selling it - so I did a reset and the I wanted to reinstall aTV flash and now I am stuck 

This is no good policy - disallowing users to use their software they purchased - it is fair taht I can’t get upgrades to flash any newer firmware version than the ones existing when my update purchase expired but I can’t use it anymore!!!

It’s been mentioned before, but the main reason old versions are disabled is compatibility. Version 2.3 added support for the latest Apple TV 5.3 software, and running an older version of aTV Flash (black) on newer Apple TV software can lead to problems.

If you’re curious, the aTV Flash (black) changelog can be found here.