Installer error in the "aTVFlash-black.dmg" just released

Hi - I’ve just tried to install the latest aTVFlash-black update for Mac. When I get to the screen to select the AppleTV on my wifi, I click next, the next screen shows “select password for host” and some other stuff very briefly then the installer crashes, same result every time.

Anyone else having/aware of this issue?

Same error here for me too.

I had the same issue. I SSH’ed back into my device and did a few things and finally got it to work. The last thing I did before it worked was I changed the root password on the Apple TV back to “alpine”.

I did a bunch of the following also:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
dpkg --configure -a

But I don’t think any of those helped. I think changing the password did it (since the installer probably checks to see if you are already using the original password so you don’t have to enter a new one in).

Hope that helps!

^ nice! Changing the password did the trick. Much appreciated.