Installer doesnt find my appletv!

Just bought the aTV flash (Black). My appletv is jaibreaked with the pwnagetool, but the installer is stuck at the “Searching for devices” screen.
Whats up with that? My appletv is on my local network and has internet access.

Turn it on and make sure you can see it, and it can see the network. Mine is on wireless and has a tendency to lose the wireless setting. After I put the WEP password back in, it showed up immediately in the selector menu

As i said in my post, i can watch youtube videos so theres no problem with my connection!


Edit: I can even access my appletv through SSH using Cyberduck as in the support guide. Why isnt the installer finding it??

Same problem for me. Searching for devices, and that`s all

Which version of AppleTV software do you currently have installed? Current version info can be found in the Settings --> General --> About menu.

im having the same problem. i am JBed on the original firmware 4.0

What name does your AppleTV currently have? This can be set through the Settings --> General --> Name menu.

I have the same problem running the original firmware… The name is “AppleTV” on mines.

Hi to all. I've had this problem as well today and figured the only way to fix it was to rejailbreak the atv.

I thought it might have had something to do with changing my ssh password, but most probably it was just my messing around with apt-get previously.

So, made a clean restore (btw, apple doesn't block downgrading on atv seems-no need for tinyumbrella, which actually made my jailbreak a pain) and rejailbroke with custom firmware.

The installer immediately found my atv!

Loving it! ....just need VPN!!!!!!!!!!

What did you use to jailbreak your atv? You can’t restore using a custom file from pwnage in iTunes right now because Apple stopped signing the 4.0 firmware since it released 4.1. What did you use to restore your atv with?

Well i actually have the feeling apple still signs 4.0!

Anyways i got my shsh blobs via tinyumbrella (and i actually did that when 4.1 was already out) and used that to spoof apple's verification system. however, i was having issues so i tried without umbrella and it i assume apple doesn't really care about these updates as they do for the iphones'!

Oh, and since it was a pain, remember to restore to original first.

Also, in one case scenario i jailbroke via windows - had to use ih8sn0w's iREB to get to a good jailbreakable state!

this was my next step.... didnt want to because i already had to once and it was a pain. oh well.

I'm having the same issue here but i'm afraid to try to re jailbreak it and then get stuck and have to upgrade.

Can anyone confirm what has been done to work around this issue.

thank you!



If you're having trouble with the standard installer please visit submit beta feedback via our contact form here. This will help us resolve any issues in the next beta.

Please include the following with your email.

1. Your current AppleTV software version (check in Settings > General > About).

2. Version of OSX and iTunes you are using.

3. Date your AppleTV was jailbroken.

4. App used to jailbreak (Pwnage tool or Redsnow)

5. Was your AppleTV password changed when jailbreaking? (default password is alpine)

6. Any other 3rd party software installed?

7. AppleTV network type (wired or wireless).

8. Anything else you think may be relevant.