Installer does not show ATV2 dropdown only USB disk drop

Sucessfully jailbroke the ATV2 and trying to install aTV flash, the installer does not look like the instructions and does not show a dropdown for the ATV but has a dropdown that looks for a USB disk, if I put in a usb disk it completes by installing software on the usb disk. Problem is the usb stick does not have microusb connection. Checked I downloaded the latest version etc. I do not see anywhere where I can enter the IP address of the ATV2.

Airplay is on, sharing is on, can transfer content from itunes to ATV2, router sees the ATV on the network etc so all appears working fine.

Installer is dated 7/30/12 and is version

Suggestions on how to install the software or what may be wrong would be appreciated, tried on two computers on the network with same results

OK figured it out, I did not realize there were two versions of aTV Flash and I bought the wrong one for the original ATV not the ATV 2, the aTV Flash (Black) installed fine. Hopefully can get credit back for the wrong purchase.