Installed XBMC Eden but can't add video add on's? can anyone help

I recently did the untethered jailbreak for 4.4. Everything went great! I installed XBMC Eden beta from maintenance screen. 

However, I am unable to add video plug ins from the add on menu?? there is now video add on’s menu to even pick from…

Also, all of the unofficial repo’s I installed plugins from on Dharma don’t work. Getting message that the structure is incorrect…


Can anyone help with these issues…

The files must be unzipped when installing in ATV>XBMC. Think your message occurs when you put an already zipped folder to your ATV.


I´m trying to figure this out myself. I´ve downloaded a zip file to my mac, used Cyberduck to transfer the file to ATV, but the file don´t show up in XBMC. Any hints on how to get the files up in the ATV (XBMC) menu?



if you installed 4.4 after you had xbmc installed, it was wiped. you donot need to unzip, put the zipped file in the home directory and install from zip

What about first time installs starting with 4.4 then Atv Flash that don’t show XMBC library files inside XMBC. I keep getting a error saying: script failed: service:py. Any suggestions?

Decided to re-jailbreak and and re-install aTV Flash. Everything works GREAT now! 

I have exactly the same issue on all add on’s except iplayer, did you manage to resolve it?