installed, working & happy, but a few questions...


first of all after finding a memory stick that worked the installation was a doddle and couldn’t be easier and enabling the usb was no hard task either so very happy :slight_smile:

the few questions i have now are just little things that would be cool if someone knew an answer for

  • how do you associate the artwork to the movie file on the external hard drive (nito tv i believe…), i know where to put it as it says in the settings but do you just call it the same filename with .jpg at the end???

  • when playing a movie from the external drive to exit out you have to push menu twice, just once just gives you a blank screen

  • sometimes jerky when scrolling down the list of movies on the external drive, is that just to do with the amount of files and the drive spinning/waking up?

  • (this also might be it spinning/waking up) that ill select a movie from the external drive and it wont play, so ill exit out, select any other movie and it will play no problem, then ill go back to the original movie - which will now play - any ideas?



Yes, you can add a file with the same filename, but with a jpg extention.

Are these DVD files? Do you have menus embedded in them?

Possibly. The more movies you have on the drive, the longer it will take to populate the list. A simple solution is to organize the movies into subfolders, possibly by genre or break up the names (e.g. A-F, G-R, S-Z)

This seems to be a phenomenon in the new version of nitoTV. It should be resolved in future versions.

nope just plain old mov files with that h. whatever codec.

This seems to be a phenomenon in the new version of nitoTV. It should be resolved in future versions.[/quote]

ah, cool at least im not going mad :slight_smile: wheres the best place to check for the updated version?

thanks for the help, the support on this product is second to none :mrgreen: