Installed Boxee and cannot view any Tv or Movie shows

Hi there joined last nite and installed all plub=gins and Boxee and Xmbc. Went to see what Boxee was all about and selected numerous TV shows they looked like they were dl and the yellow bars were pulsing like it was getting ready to play and then they just freeze. I escaped out and it says the show is playing?  What am I missing please?  I am in Canada.



Adobe Flash is required for viewing most of the content available in Boxee.

Support for Adobe Flash is extremely limited on the AppleTV, but more details on enabling it can be found here.

Hi Max I installed the file and still the same. In Boxee I go to TV and select a program and get the yellow horizontal bars flashing like its loading, screen goes blank and the bars slow down and freeze, thats it then? So no video at all, am I missing something?