Installed aTV 4 Flash on atv3 without success

I installed aTV Flash on my appletv 3 box with success. But when trying to use any of the included software under nitoTV (firefox, Google Earth,Air Mouse& Boxee) i get a hung screen after selecting the app. When I select the menu button again a screen will flash for just a second for the app, apparently hiding in the background all along. All the maintenance settings seem to be correct in “manage plugins”. So far the 4 update is useless to me.

The same here.

I had the problem of not formatting my usb stick before flashing the aTV4. I did a restore ( and - for 6 seconds).
After that I used the newly formatted and flashed usb stick and I was there with APPLE TV ver 3.0 and aTV ver 4).
Happy as it can be. :smiley:

But I cant run XBMC (cant even find it). Google earth and all other apps are just freeze the box until I press