Installed 6.2.1 by accident, need guidance on restoring

So in a effort this morning to figure out why my netflix was not working, and while watching 3 kids running around I accidentally installed 6.2.1 on my gen 2. and after spending all day reading, searching and testing I have not been able to get my unit to jailbreak or even restore to a earlier version.

If anyone could please guide me or provide some info that I could review, I would be greatly thankful.

You’ve probably read this but if you haven’t then go to:
If you’re having trouble with getting into DFU mode see this:

Anything more specific you’ll have to give more details.

this is helping
As per my post on another thread, I have just downgraded my ATV2 from 6.2 to 5.3 and its running smooth as silk. My brief instructions are below. I have only done this once and am writing the instructions from memory, but hopefully I havent missed anything out.

  • Goto and choose your the correct v5.3 for your ATV e.g. ATV3 or ATV2

  • Plug your ATV into your MAC via USB (for ATV3 you will need to use the power lead too)

  • ATV will appear in iTunes asking if you want to restore to factory settings.

  • When you see the box saying download and install, hold down the option key first. You will then get the option to navigate to your previousley downloaded firmware.

  • Once you have selected the firmware the downgrade should only take about 5 mins to complete. At the end it will say your box can be unplugged.

  • Plug back into your TV, run the setup programe and you should have a judder free ATV once again.

Hopefully I haven’t missed anything out.

^^^Why bother downgrading if you aren’t going to jailbreak?

Help…when I get my Apple tv2 into DFU mode and hit the restore button all I get is RESTORE AND UPDATE…no option to choose the restore file I downloaded.

What am I doing wrong?

You have to hold down the option key on MAC or Shift key in windows then click restore. At that point you find the restore file.

thanks for the reply…yes I finally got that far but when I get to where I can choose the file it doesn’t let me load it.

Has your device been jailbroken before on the iOS version you’re trying to restore? If not then you cannot flash it unless Apple is signing that specific version.