Installed 3.2 all a-ok, but question about updating

Hi all,

I’ve installed 3.2 and everything is working fine, with the exception now and then, when my AppleTV becomes really slow, I hold down the Down button, and menu button, it resets, and when I ask it to restart, it just loops. No biggie, as I then power off the AppleTV and everything else is fine. Anyone else finding this?

My question is about updating the software.

Say for example, when NitoTV and Sapphire releases an update, how does one install it?

I know Sapphire has recently been updated, and according to other forums, you should be able to update Nito using the update Nito function… am I going blind because I can’t seem to find it when I go to Install Software as others have said it should be there.


Yes, some plugins can be updated from within the Apple TV (eg nitotv). Others would need to be manually updated. This can be done by recreating the aTV Flash, and installing it on top of the current aTV Flash installation. No need to factory restore, or manually do anything.

The aTV Flash package will always contain the latest software. When a new version is released, it will be available in your online account as a download, under your original order. Just download the new package, and recreate the flash drive.