Installation - Should my old info still be present after its reinstalled?


I needed to reinstall atv flash silver.  I couldn’t get it to restore to factory settings - so i ran the intaller etc.

Everything went fine but my xbmc addons are still all installed, my Nito share info is still there…but it did fix my problem ( I had Software Menu installed … can’t remember why…I tried to uninstall it and got it off the Main Menu but must have messed something else up as I could only naviagate 3 columns to the right (the way it was on my screen - I could get to, and use, Launcher.  If I clicked one more to the right, it was crash the system…I should have written down what it said but I don’t have that info.).

After this install, everything is running well and I’m glad I didn’t have to reinstall all my addons, network info etc…but I am not sure why this all didn’t restore.  Is this going to leave something messed up or am I good to go.

note: I got the successful installation screen and instruction to reboot with usb removed.  I had to reinstall my xbmc in the Manage Plugins (along with all the other "Additional Plugins’’ but the smart installer on its first run (from post installation checklist) showed that it had run a few days ago…and I did this all today.
Just curious, its all running well, but haven’t had this happen before (that’s what she said).