Installation problem

Hello. Last week I bought aTV Flash (black) but it seems not to be working on my ATV.

Here it is what I am doing step-by-step:

  1. Restore and jailbreak using seasonpass. iOS version 4.3

  2. Connect to my TV. Turning on AirPlay and Home Sharing.

  3. Runing aTV Flash (Black) on my macbook pro and I am getting this “The installation was successfull” message

  4. After a regular flash/restart I dont see nothing new appears on my ATV


Also tried to install some plug-ins (maintenance; nitotv; plex …) through SSH and terminal says that everything is installed. But again no new menus on the screen.

The support team told me that fc_installer.log seems okay. 


I would be very thankful to everyone who can help me. Thanks!


Hmmm - that’s a new one.

Perhaps try downloading the latest version of Seas0nPass, re-jailbreaking then reinstall?

Weird… Somehow the menus have appeared. I don’t know how exactly that happened and I don’t have a step-by-step solution…

Just keep trying if you are having the same issue. And yes I know how stupid that sounds… :))