Installation problem

Hi all,
I am really getting mad. I have purchased the atv flash installer, downloaded correct “temp.dmg” file.
I plug in my usb stick (kingston 4gb without U3 installed since uninstaller doesn’t recognize anything), I see something happening and I also see at the end that available sapce on USB is less than before (I am using a Win version of atv flash installer).
When i put the usb into my apple tv (after taking out the electrical wire) and turn it on again, nothing happens and I simply see standard apple tv menu.
Please help me because I don’t knpw what I should try next.

I have also tried to use transmac. It’s a program on Win to write a dmg file into a usb stick.
Nothing happens. i attach the usb to apple tv but it appears standard menu.

One more thing to be said:

before deciding to buy atv flash installer I have tried the version (3.1.X I don’t remeber) with a patchstick done by a friend and I installed it correctly. I was so enthusiastic that I decided to buy it too. I restored to factory settings my apple tv, upgrade to 3.0.2 and tried to patch it via atv flash installer newly bought.
So the apple tv has been able to accept atv flash installer before.

Unfortunately Kingston drives are notorious for having issues with the AppleTV. Do you have an alternate drive you can try?

You can reformat your Kingston drive by following the guide here:

I have already tried to format as explained in the link you sent me. But unfortunately it doesn’t work even with that.
Please give me so other hints 'cause i need apple tv modified for a presentation in my shop.

Your best option is to try an alternate flash drive for the installation. Any drive from Sandisk, Memorex or Transcend should be fine.