Installation of Plugins fails after updating from tethered to untethered JB (Seasonpass)


with the tethered Seasonpass JB everything worked fine. The Plugins, for example, Media Player, installed without problems.

After jailbreaking a few hours ago with untethered Seasonpass JB, the only Plugin to install is the Couch Surfer. Every other Plugin (Media Player, nitoTV,...) crashes and Lowtide restarts, every time. I tried now seven times.

Only Plugin to be installed, deinstalled and reinstalled is the Couch Surfer...

oh nice: after the 8th time it worked... :/

I had the same issue with nitoTV, Weather and Plex - basically had to try quite a few times until they installed OK. nitoTv was the worst and took about 10 times! For info, I did a fresh restore on my ATV and started from scratch with seasonpass.