Installation Failed! Unable to mount boot partition

Hi, I have an ATV1 40Gb unit which previously had OpenElec installed. I wanted to restore to factory settings, however could not do so using my Mac as per the following link:…e_Apple_OS as the script according to Chewitt is incorrect, and hasn’t been rectified. I was then able to use your the Crystalbuntu 2 instructions from Sam Nazarko to factory restore, and this has restored the software back to apple os well, and it works in its native state. The only issue is that I now cannot load Firecore ATV Flash as it gives me an error of ‘Installation Failed! Unable to mount boot partition’. Also, I cannot SSH into the unit, cannot load ATV USB creator and when I try to use the CB2 USB, I cannot get any Wifi or ethernet connection?? As I said, the ATV1 works well in it’s native state, but I cannot do anything else. Can you please assist? Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi. All fixed. Refer this crystalbuntu thread…

Hope this helps someone out there haveing the same problem. A bit disapponted with the lack of response…:frowning:

I have found an easier fix, in my opinion, hope it works for everyone. The method listed above didn’t work for me btw.

I basically restored the ATV1 back to the 2.xx firmware instead of the 3.xx firmware, using the OpenElec method.

Then downloaded the 2.xx firmware from here,

Then I used the USBtool found here (note, you must choose either Windows or Mac, etc. first.)

Then after restore I retried the FireCore install and it worked perfectly.


Nice one. I think that the CB2 version here​ (depending on if you are using Mac/Windows etc. your first link would be is alot easier in my personal opinion as completing all the steps on OpenElec can be quite confusing for noobs when trying to get the image onto their USB etc. Sams CB2 version adopts the KISS theory! :) Either way though mate, both work fine, so happy days! :)