Installation Failed! Unable to mount boot partition

When I attempt to install aTV, it says the following: "Installation Failed! Unable to mount boot partition." How do I make it work?

Has your AppleTV's hard drive ever been modified or replaced?

I had a fully operable Atv Flash USB drive I used on my 640gb ATV just fine. After trying to update everything ti bricked and I copied a brand new image of the Operating System onto the drive. After that it has worked fine with only the factory settings available. I just re-purchased Atv Flash, and it still says “Unable to mount boot partition” when I try to upgrade it with Atv Flash. I have yet to find any forum discussing why it will not install. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to tell/show others how great Atv Flash is.

If you're getting this message it usually means there is an issue with one of the partitions on the AppleTV's drive. More info on setting up the AppleTV hard drive can be seen here:

I used the url you provided to prepare another drive for my ATV. I used the dmg images from another apple tv (which was the same image I used on my 640) and when it was all done, it gave me the same error. It must be something with the original images I have. I will try to download a new dmg of the EFI, recovery, and OSBoot partitions and start the entire process over again. Thank you for the url, it made things much easier than my last attempt.

Hi, I have the same problem.

Is there somewhere a “step by step” explanation on how to prepare a hard drive for someone like me who isn’t a specialist?




Someone found a solution?

Yes, full details on setting up a replacement AppleTV hard drive can be found on AwkwardTV.org

Is there anywhere we can download the contents of the various partitions though… I had to replace my original ATV drive after it imploded, and I don’t have the images…


How can I remve Leopard 10.5 off of my 1st Gen Apple Tv and restore it back to factory settings?

I have the same problem( Installation Failed! Unable to mount boot partition) if  anyone can make a video file to youtube so I can solve the problem. 


p.s. sorry I am not an expert .I read but unfortunately I do not understand how to process, video file will help me.