Installation Does Not Work - Please Help.

I am really confused and I am sure there is something really simply I am missing, but when reading the instructions on the .pdf, it says to:
Part 1 at the Mac

  1. Format Flash Drive. Check
  2. Download ATV update file. Check
    (What the hell am I supposed to do with the ‘OSBoot’ volume?)
  3. Open ATV update file. Check
  4. Run the ATV Flash app. Check
    (I click on the mounted volume from the desktop and a folder opens with two files - ATV Flash & a Readme).
  5. Agree to License. Check
  6. Select the Flash Drive. Check
  7. Select plug-ins. Check
  8. Copy Files. Check
  9. Confirmation message. Check
  10. Remove Flash Drive. Check.

Part 2 at the ATV

  1. Update ATV. Check
  2. Unplug. Check
  3. Insert Flash Drive. Check
  4. Power ATV. Check
  5. Process starts. FAIL

ATV boots normally aside from a couple of flashes of the Apple logo. At no time do I see a ATV Flash Logo and at no time does any text run down the left side.

I am using a MacBook Pro along with the latest software for the ATV. I am also using a freshly formatted SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8GB Flash Drive.

Also, when I plug my Flash Drive back into my Mac (have already gone through the process five times), the drive is called "Patchstick-root’. Is this normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It might be that the 8GB Flash Drive is too big, aTV FLash seems to do better on smaller drives. Saying that I posted this on another post, I’d say give it a try and see if it changes things. Also, how long is it between choosing the plugins and aTV Flash saying it is done? It should take about 5-10 minutes to install everything on the USB Flash Drive. Oh and patchstick-root should be the name of the partition after the patch.

I’m going to buy another Flash Drive, but that sounds a little silly (no offense to you, madcran - to ATV Flash) that the drive can be too large. I’ll give it a shot with a 2GB model.

I’ll post back later. Thanks for the reply.

Got the 1GB Flash Drive. It installed. I guess since I found an 8GB Flash Drive at Wally World for $24, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone in having a big FD and use it to install ATVF.

I have got it up and running. I did manage to find how to run videos via USB storage, but I am not getting any audio from the videos. I have used Handbrake to decode my DVDs and put them into an AppleTV format (this was prior to the ATVF findings).

They worked perfectly when stored on the ATV and they work fine on my Mac. Any ideas?