"Install Partial or Failed" of nito Smart Installer

The installation of nito Smart Installer failed/fails. :frowning:
The first time I activated it, it downloaded the Combo file. Then ??? I actually don’t know.
Now it keeps saying it has never been run.
And when activating it, after a little " it’s thinking", it says “Install Partial or Failed” with nothing in the frame. :frowning:
I checked the web and found something similar dated 12/2008 but could not figure out what to do.
Help! :sunglasses:

before updating to 2.4 and ATVFlash3.6.1, I decided to first reset it to factory settings.
I then updated it to 2.4, then installed ATVFlash 3.6.1

I found myself.
If ATV Flash USB stick creation allows to select distinctively Smart Installer and nitoTV,
in fact Smart Installer does not work if nitoTV is not installed.
I created again a patch stick with nitoTV even if I don’t intend to use it,
so Smart Installer worked.