Install from beta to Release Fails

Had been running beta 9 fireCore on an ATV2, iOS 4.3 untethered just fine. Using “aTV Flash (black).app” (Mac of course) I selected my ATV but get:


Installation failed. Oops, it looks like your AppleTV has not yet been jailbroken.


Um, yes it most definitely has. What’s next?

Hi !

Disable seven firewall on your private network and re-launch 1.0 setup.

It’s working for me :slight_smile:



I’m not sure what ‘seven firewall’ is on Mac OS. I’ve tried running the updater on 10.6.8 and on 10.7.2 - both end with the same error. I’m running this on a private LAN with no firewall between the macs and the ATV2.

Could you send in your FC_Installer log file? This can be found in your Documents folder.

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