install Failure aTVFlash 1.0

Wen i install aTVFlash 1.0 it didn’t work.

Failure: “Oops, it looks like your AppleTV has not yet been jailbroken.”

He is Jailbroken (AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F305_SP_Restore) en version aTVFlash 0.9.? runs sinds 08 jun 2011.


The old versions of aTVFlash are 2,7 MB big.

This version  of aTVFlash is 544 Kb big.


Please help. Sorry for my very bad Englisch.

I suspect that you need to use a later firmware for the jailbreak…   I have AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F455_SP_Restore.ipsw on my system.  I used to have the one you mentioned at one point, but it has since been superseded by the one I mentioned.

Thanks itimpi.

I think the newer one are all tethered. Or not???

The 4.3 one is still untethered (the one I mentioned) and that is what I have on my ATV2.

The 4.4.x series are the tethered ones.

Itimpi Thanks.

That was the problem.